Thanks to the exceptional efforts of Arthur Kim and Mike Ross we are fully satisfied with our security camera system. Our whole Hawaii PBC operation is now fully covered. We compared all competitive options. We also reviewed KCN completed projects. The KCN’s offer was clearly the best value: simply superior products and services and priced right! KCN delivered to us exactly what they promised with a professional and timely installation (around our 200,000 square foot production plant is not an easy task). Our new KCN CCTV system has exceptional image quality in day and night lighting conditions, ease of use programming, with the best warranty plan just to mention a few points. KCN has proven to us that they are the company of choice when it comes to IP high definition CCTV camera systems. Both our security and plant production have improved greatly with our new camera system upgrade! I absolutely recommend their service to any company in need of security and or facilities operation cameras! Best regards
Rob Sirois

Pepsi Plant Director

“Kauai Camera Video looks absolutely perfect from Oahu. Excellent job on installation and interfacing with our server. Most of all keeping it within budget. Looking forward to working with your company for both Hilo and Oahu Camera Systems Projects. Thanks again.”

HFM Food Services
-Todd Gauthe, Facility Maintenance Manager-

“Kama’aina Computer Network has been with Waikiki Resort Hotel for 15 years. Arthur Kim takes great care of our computer network and solutions; trouble shoots our computers and handles software update. Whenever we have trouble with our computer systems, I follow up with Arthur and receive excellent service and a very quick response. For the last two years, KCN has installed 24 cameras in different locations at the Waikiki Resort Hotel. He has also installed cameras in each of the three elevators. He has replaced our analog camera system with HD digital system, and I am very satisfied with his work. Waikiki Resort Hotel is planning to install additional cameras in the Hotel and we will continue to have Arthur help us with other future projects.”

Waikiki Resort Hotel
- Benny N. Choi, Chief Engineer-

“As a property manager I have utilized many different security solutions from large to small. Art and his staff have been thorough from the beginning till the end. Most of all is the personalized service that is what sets them apart. I highly recommend KCN”.

Waipahu Commercial Center
-Steve Okada (PB), GO Financial Corporation-

“Wanted to thank you very much for providing the Hale Kaheka for such a wonderful security System. The new digital technology is so much better as we can see all the details in our video surveillance. Even our elderly residents comment on how much better they can see the video from outside my office now! It was well worth the cost to have this installed. I was also impressed on how quick you were able to complete the project.“

AOAO Hale Kaheka Property
-Walter Goedicke, Resident manager-

KCN provided excellent service throughout the security process from bidding to installation and beyond. KCN worked well with our staff and met all of our requests and requirements. We shopped around and found KCN to be the best investment (value) around. They were the most competitive amongst the bids we received providing more value and services for our company. KCN charged no user fees nor did they have any hidden costs; to us they carry the best warranty coverage in parts and labor in the business. We had KCN train us on how to use the system after installation. This helped our staff get comfortable to use the system easily. Their HD IP video (4 Mega Pixel system) provides very detailed images which helps provide superior viewing. We were able to customize the systems configuration to meet our surveillance needs. We would recommend KCN to anyone, even those who are interested in learning how to maximize the security features on their current security system. KCN is always trying find the best new cutting edge product to offer their clients. They have been in operation for over 15 years here in Hawaii. They understand the anxieties poor security surveillance can bring which is why they try to meet the needs of their clients no matter what size the project is or will be.

Menehune Water Company
-Patrick Sheather- Aide to the President / Owner Corporate Investigator

“I, Stephen Reichard CCV2 General Manager, on behalf of the Homeowners and Management of Country Club Village Phase II, would like to express our gratitude to Kama’aina Comuter Network, (KCN), for helping to safeguard our property and a job well done. KCN installed security surveillance cameras throughout our two 21 & 22 story high rise building s as well as our five story parking structure. In addition, KCN worked with management to keep installation costs conducive to our annual budgets. The entire project was well planned and executed to minimize any inconvenience that the Residents may have experienced. After the project was completed, KCN made every effort to ensure that all the cameras were adjusted and functioning to our complete satisfaction. KCN provided our Administraitive Staff with training and hands on operation instructions to view and record incidents using office computers, which has proven many times to be an invaluable tool concerning incidents. KCN is always on call for any technical help or issues that may arise. As a professional property Manager, I highly recommend Kama’aina Computer Network to anyone who has security surveillance or computer programming needs.”

Country Club Village
(Property #4, #5 and Parking structure)
-Stephen Reichard, Country Club Village II and CCV CFMA General Manager-

Due to the efforts of Mike Ross and Arthur Kim (KCN), the Town House was able to upgrade their camera equipment for a significant increase in effectively monitoring the property. This was done with high definition cameras that offer much better clarity and result in footage that is necessary for investigations by the authorities. As a matter of fact, one culprit has been arrested and another’s image is now on the HPD website and has been in the Advertiser for identification for suspected vehicle break-ins. In addition, we have noticed less of the type of “traffic” that leads to these types of incidents. Mike and Arthur followed with their suggested efforts, one being a PA system that has helped not only in Security, but in daily operations as well. This made the transition easier. Both were readily available to answer questions and increase the staff’s capabilities with the upgraded CCTV. We will contact them first for any future needs as the requirements for this property were met through their efforts.

The Town House Property
-John Pete, Resident Manager., The Town House-